Calling All Moshi Monsters – Sign In Here!

Moshi Monsters Sign In!   That’s right, we’ve decided to start our very our Moshi Monsters fan club. Please let us know how you and your little monster are getting on. Note that we aren’t connected with the owners and distributors of Moshi Monsters but just want to show our appreciation :)

Tell us all about your devillish Moshi home – what have you spent you hard earned Rox on? How many Moshlings do you have? Who is your favourite?? How long have you been playing – do you play on your own or with friends? Let us know in the comments below.
Tell us about your friends Moshi Monsters? Get them to come along too to Moshi Monsters Sign In and tell us about their Moshi fun!

Please let us know whether you’d like more info on Moshi in the comments. All links are dofollow commentluv!

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